Rtd Holds Open House, Public Tours New Commuter Rail Cars | Fox31 Denver

James Bond’s new Aston Martin unveiled – Dec. 4, 2014

The trains can hit speeds of 79 mph, making the run to the skyport in some 35 minutes, said RTD spokesman Kevin Flynn. In a four-car configuration, some 900 passengers can make the ride in record time, even with several stops along the way. Most like the on-board bike racks, the springs in handicapped seating, and the extra racks for baggage. While the trains will begin operation in 2016, on the Gold and Northwest lines along with DIA, in 2018 the final leg to the northern suburbs will begin running as well. If you want a chance to check out the new cars, head over to Union Station between the hours of 11 a.m.
Article: http://kdvr.com/2014/12/03/rtd-holds-open-house-public-tours-new-commuter-rail-cars/

New Jersey Bans 19 Motor Oil Products « CBS New York

Patrol Union President Accuses de Blasio Of Lacking Respect For Police

Many of these allegedly mislabeled motor oils are sold at cheap prices, thereby luring those consumers who can least afford the extra maintenance costs or early engine failure that may result from using the wrong type of motor oil, Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman said in a statement. We are rightly removing these potentially harmful products from New Jerseys marketplace, and will penalize retailers who continue to sell them. Mechanic Freddy Rivas told CBS2s Sonia Rinconan oil with the wrong viscosity can slowly destroy your car with each oil change. You create a film, on the cylinder, and that creates a protective shield, Rivas said. But with these oils you lose that, so what happens is youre grinding the piston up and down and youre actually wearing out the engine. State Consumer Affairs Director Steve Lee said the now-banned products were usually found in gas stations, 99 cent stores, and mini marts, WCBS 880s Levon Putney reported.
Article: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/12/04/new-jersey-bans-19-motor-oil-products/

Ferrari FFX K: New supercar roars onto the scene in Abu Dhabi – CSMonitor.com

The intake manifolds have been redesigned and given a special type of polishing treatment, and the exhaust system has been modified as its silencers have been eliminated ( click here to hear what that sounds like ). The electric drive system is the same two-motor HY-KERS setup in the stock LaFerrari but it has been tuned for pure performance . The first motor provides drive to the vehicle, thus aiding the V-12, and it also recovers kinetic energy during braking, storing it in the cars lithium-ion batteries. The second motor is driven by the V-12 and is used to keep the charge level of the batteries constant.
Article: http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/In-Gear/2014/1204/Ferrari-FFX-K-New-supercar-roars-onto-the-scene-in-Abu-Dhabi

In the Ian Fleming novels on which the films are based he drove a Bentley. In the movies, he’s driven BMWs, a Lotus Esprit that went underwater (and which was eventually bought by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk ), a Toyota 2000GT sports car and even an AMC Hornet. Gallery – 10 James Bond cars you can afford Aston Martin is the car brand with which the character has become most closely associated, however. The DB5 famously reappeared in the most recent Bond film, “Skyfall.” It had a number of options not offered to those outside MI6’s Double-0 section.
Article: http://money.cnn.com/2014/12/04/autos/james-bond-aston-martin-db10/index.html


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