Heard In The Autosphere: Toyota Refines The Ft-1 Concept | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

NASCAR Adds New Rule For Exiting Cars After Crashes – WDEF News 12

/ Toyota Detroit Free Press News Services Filed Under Automakers ADVERTISEMENT MONTEREY, CALIF. Instead of wild and fun, Toyota just showed off a more sophisticated side to its FT-1 concept. The mere fact that Toyota made a second FT-1, shown to well-heeled crowd in an aircraft hanger, increases the likelihood that it may come to production. And no, its not being called the FT-2.
Article: http://www.freep.com/article/20140817/BUSINESS0104/308170066/1210/business01

at a sprint car event in Canandaigua, New York. After Stewart clipped Ward’s car, sending it spinning, Ward left the car during the caution period, walked down the track and was hit by Stewart. NASCAR Vice President Robin Pemberton says the new rule merely formalizes reminders that take place during drivers’ meetings. NASCAR will address violations of the rule on a case-by-case basis.
Article: http://www.wdef.com/content/sports/localsports/story/NASCAR-Adds-New-Rule-For-Exiting-Cars-After/0vu2MMOLCUKu9FBF6V-9bw.cspx?rss=3479

NASCAR announces rule requiring drivers to stay in cars after incidents – CBSSports.com

Speaking Friday in Michigan, NASCAR Vice President of Competition and Racing Development Robin Pemberton outlined the new regulation aimed at avoiding on-track altercations following accidents. “As we have demonstrated in our history that we are willing to react quickly to different incidents…this morning we are formalizing one of…our at-track regulations,” Pemberton said . Essentially, the rule states that if a driver is involved in an accident and unable to move his or her car forward, he or she must remain in the vehicle until officials arrive. The driver is allowed to exit the car immediately, however, if he or she is in danger. Below is the full text of the rule.
Article: http://www.cbssports.com/general/eye-on-sports/24662086/nascar-announces-rule-requiring-drivers-to-stay-in-cars-after-incidents

Unbeatable New-Car Summer Clearance Deals – Forbes

The full list of 15 best year-end clearance deals, with complete details, can be found in the accompanying slide show . All are vehicles from the 2014 model year. As always, were featuring both direct-to-consumer cash rebates and/or so-called marketing-support incentives, which we call additional dealer discounts. Typically favored by luxury automakers, the latter are cash allowances given to dealers to lower the prices on select models without seeming to cheapen the brand by offering cash rebates. The only catch is that a dealer may or may not automatically pass them on without some hard-nosed negotiations.
Article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jimgorzelany/2014/08/15/unbeatable-new-car-summer-clearance-deals/


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