Helped My Roommate Pick Up A New Car This Weekend

L.A. store showcases new cars to idled drivers

Slight exhaust leak fore of the cats, which makes for a loud ride on the highway but we’ll be dropping it by a muffler shop this week to get that welded up. Sometimes idles well, sometimes a bit rough, and very rarely will sputter at low RPMs. Going to run a basic tune up this weekend and go from there. The A/C works (absolute necessity here in Texas, no matter what you try to tell me) and blows lukewarm sometimes, slighty cool others. Going to pump some Freeze12 into it this weekend to see if that rectifies the problem.

Helped my roommate pick up a new car this weekend

VW’s U.S. chief battles decline, awaits SUVs Michael Horn’s new job has afforded little chance for honeymoon. An out-of-sync product lineup can’t stem the VW brand’s relentless U.S. sales slide.


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