Volkswagen Tops List Of Complaints About New Cars

From street car, to race car, to battlefield: new vehicle technology is far reaching –

— ST FILE PHOTO By Christopher Tan Senior Correspondent Volkswagenis the German term for “people’s car” – but in Singapore, the brand is getting some people in a twist. The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said it tops the list for complaints about new cars here, with one in three such gripes aimed at the manufacturer. Twelve out of 36 complaints between 2012 and last month have been about Volkswagen. Most were related to faulty transmissions.

The researchers sought to shrink the size and power consumption of the LIDAR systems without compromising their performance in terms of distance. The team used a type of LIDAR called frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) LIDAR, which they felt would ensure their imager had good resolution with lower power consumption, Behroozpour said. This type of system emits “frequency-chirped” laser light (that is, whose frequency is either increasing or decreasing) on an object and then measures changes in the light frequency that is reflected back. To avoid the drawbacks of size, power and cost, the team exploited a class of lasers called MEMS tunable VCSELs.

Four things to like about new Metro cars

New Metro seat design

Aisles. When standing, my least favorite place to be is in the center of the aisle equidistant from the end doors and the middle doors, especially if I have to grab an overhead railing or, worse yet, one of those plastic straps that hang from the railing. Thats the spot Metro wants you to move to, but when youre standing there, arriving and departing riders will come at you from all directions and often at the same time. Metros Debo Ogunrinde holds one of the vertical railings in mid-car. In the new cars, the aisles are wider, and theres a vertical rail at each seat, so you can get a grip on something at shoulder level and allow passengers to move past you even the ones with the backpacks.

New technology for improved driverless cars and video games – Economic Times

“Were continuously having to design and develop new systems–trying to predict what our competition is going to be doing on the race track as well as what the bad guys are doing,” said Lynn. Of course, military and race cars operate on a different type of track, but the mission remains the same: occupant safety. “So you see these safety cells that are in the race cars, were using the same tubular frame technology in the race cars and applying them to the military vehiclesthat same stiffness, that same rigidity and the same durability that our race cars have to protect the soldiers,” said Lynn. “You go to about any race here in North America and you see a tremendous presence of our troops, so its great considering everything that they do for us, to be able to give something back to them,” said Mark. From the race track, to your driveway, to the battlefieldthe technology developed right in our own backyard will continue to shape the vehicles of our future. Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc.


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