Watch: Lightning Mcqueen Returns In New ‘cars’ Short

Four things to like about new Metro cars

New Metro seat design

Get a first look! This is part of a new series of Cars shorts called Tales from Radiator Springs, and Radiator Springs 500 tells the tale of a “leisurely drive” that turns into a precarious off-road race — and from the sound of Mater’s directions, a bit of a misadventure! Owen Wilson has returned to voice Lightning McQueen, while Larry The Cable Guy is once again making us laugh as the voice of Mater.

Seats. The best seat on a Metrorail car is the one nearest the doors, where a rider needs only to stand up and walk straight out. The worst seat is the interior one on the bench right next to the two seats facing into the car. (The one to the right of the guy whos stretching his legs out onto the interior-facing seats.) On a crowded car, with all the seats occupied and the aisle jammed, theres no place I feel more trapped. Youve got to say excuse me to two people just to stand up.

10 Most Highly Anticipated New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2015

All-new Sonata_2

As BMW puts it , the i8 is the first sports car with the consumption and emissionvalues of a compact car. Dont miss a chance to see the i8 at dealerships near you. 3. 2015 Jeep Renegade On the forefront of Jeeps announcement to take the world by storm, the Jeep Renegade is ready to put a dent in the crossover SUV market. A more rugged and blocky design than other Jeep vehicles, the Renegade is built to take on the great outdoors.

Because of the choices available, it could be a pain to acquire a vehicle. It could be hard to ascertain the options that you need and others you don’t. The article below may help you make good car buying decisions.



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