Here Are The New Electric Cars You’ll Be Seeing On The Road By End Of 2016 – Thestreet

Colorado Is The Leading State In New Car Sales « CBS Denver

I’m using “electric car” in this definition: Any car that has a plug. This means all-electric cars, obviously, but also plug-in hybrids. These hybrids combine a battery for the ability to drive anywhere between six and 80 miles on electricity, with a gasoline engine for longer distances. The other definitional focus of this article is in terms of price and volume. I am not interested in very expensive or too exotic cars. For example, Audi has said that it is working on an electric version of its mid-engine two-seat R class. However, the price is expected to be somewhere above $130,000.

Since that treatise is too lengthy for some tired eyes to tackle, here is a cheat sheet to the venerable consumer agencys wisdom in the form of nine golden rules for buying a new car. Source: 1. Start with the lowdown on car loans You dont have to know which model youre buying to figure out how much cash you have on hand and approximately how much youll borrow in order to close the deal on a car. Consumer Reportssuggests visiting online lending sites to get a picture of local rates before contacting banks and credit unions to compare figures. The idea is to get pre-approved before you show up at a dealership.

New car sales soar to 10-year high – Sunderland Echo

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9 Golden Rules for Buying a New Car

Jackson says Colorado does about 50 percent better than the national average. If national sale are up 8 percent we are up 12 percent. If they are up 10 percent we are up 15 percent, said Jackson. He says it stems from Denvers lower unemployment rate, real estate market, and new home construction combining to create consumer confidence.


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