Emifreecar.com: Sachin Rastogi’s Start-up Makes Buying Cars Easier By Displaying Ads On Them

EMI Free Car: Buying car made easy, just display adverstisments 

Cars sporting ads must not be older than one year and have to run at least 1,500 km a month. Besides, car owners will have to install a GPS, which costs about Rs10,000, and deposit Rs10,000 as security when signing the contract. Owners have to also pay for the removable vinyl sticker (at Rs55 per sq feet). Needless to say, they have no say on the ads. Here is a primer: Lux Cozi vest, glucose biscuits, soaps, tyres, colas, mobile phones and the like.
Article: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/auto/automobiles/emifreecar-com-sachin-rastogis-start-up-makes-buying-cars-easier-by-displaying-ads-on-them/articleshow/30866275.cms

Used Car Buying Tips

Deciding to buy a pre-owned car gives you plenty of choice, even with a limited budget. For instance, youll be able to find a bigger used car for your family at the cost of a small new car. You can even purchase a luxury brand for less if you buy from dealerships that offer quality used cars in Dallas TX . When you buy used, you also get to avoid the hard blow of depreciation as new vehicles decrease the most in value in the first three months of use. Theres a big risk, however, when getting a used car.
Article: http://3d-car-shows.com/buying-a-used-car-how-to-make-sure-youre-not-getting-a-lemon/

Buying A Used Car: How To Make Sure You’re Not Getting A Lemon

Buying a New Car Your Essential Guide

Consumer Reports is another good place to poke around. It’s also a very good idea to do a simple Google or Yahoo! Web search; just type in the make and model of the vehicle and “lemon.” You can bet if the car has a history of problems, there will be complaints all over the Internet. Screen your candidate — the specific used car you are looking at: Even if the make/model has a great reputation for quality and reliability, that particular used car may not have been well-maintained — even abused. Have a third-party mechanic (not one working for the dealer) look the used car over as a condition of sale.
Article: http://autos.aol.com/article/used-car-buying-tips/

10 tips for buying a car in 2014

Couple shopping for car © Don Mason, Blend Images, Corbis

Three factors that make Hyundai Xcent a car worth buying Designs from Hyundai has always been impressive. The car features smooth flowing design that shares some similarity from its siblings in the hatchback production line. Sources close to the development process have revealed that the auto maker is expected to incorporate a number of features in this sedan, such as revised front and rear bumpers,provision of LED lights and touchscreen entertainment unit with Bluetooth connectivity. As seen at the Auto Expo event the new sedan shall sport a dual tone black and beige interior, push button start has been smartly positioned, electro chromic mirror acts as a rear display for rear camera.
Article: http://www.cartrade.com/car-bike-news/three-factors-that-make-hyundai-xcent-a-car-worth-buying-123164.html

Three factors that make Hyundai Xcent a car worth buying

Get the best interest rate While you may be drawn to a certain car or brand because of an ad for a low interest rate, it’s of no use unless you qualify, and only about 10 percent of car buyers qualify for the zero-percent and low-interest-rate deals automakers offer. Even then, you may be better off financially by taking the cash rebate offered and getting financing elsewhere. Don’t visit a dealership until you’ve researched the best interest rate you can get. Use Bankrate’s rate search tool to see current interest rates and also check with local lenders, including credit unions, which are 1 percent to 2 percent lower on average than conventional banks.
Article: http://money.msn.com/car-buying/10-tips-for-buying-a-car-in-2014-1


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