Audi Launches Rs 7 Sportback At Rs 1.3 Crore

Korean Automakers Make Inroads Into the Luxury Car Market

“We started the year with the historic achievement of becoming the first luxury car maker to achieve 10,000 unit sales in 2013,” King said. “The market may not be very consumer-friendly in the first half due to elections but post-elections we will see a possible growth,” he said. The company, which currently has 34 dealerships, will increase the number of outlets to 40 by this year, King said. While refusing to divulge numbers, King said Audi will definitely aim for higher growth and greater market share from the estimated 31 per cent last year.
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Cadillac ends 2013 as fastest growing full-line luxury car brand


The price of model has not been released and the company states it will release more details as the launch date approaches. It’s considered a near-replica of the Hyundai Equus premium sedan, which received good reviews went it came out in August 2013. The K900 is shorter than the Equus, but shares its V-8 engine and its rear-wheel drive is powered through the same 8-speed automatic transmission. The K900 is also available with a V-6 engine, normally found in Hyundai’s Genesis sedan.
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INSIGHT: Luxury cars now flooding African cities

Lexus sold 2,942 hybrids in 2012, or 19.5 per cent of the brands Canadian total. (Toyota) Toyotas Lexus division has been the brand with the most success in luxury hybrids. Lexus sold 2,942 hybrids in 2012, or 19.5 per cent of the brands Canadian total. (Toyota)
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5 Best Luxury Cars Under $40,000

Even as the economy creaks toward recovery, outward displays of wealth just about anywhere outside of Silicon Valley are still greeted with a measure of scorn. In the Valley and San Francisco themselves, there are entire sites devoted to shaming that sort of behavior. That hasn’t stopped the haves from treating themselves in somewhat less obvious ways. Why back up a Tesla to the nearest supermarket charging station or pull your Mercedes-Benz E-Class into some grimy parking lot when you can go somewhat incognito?
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Mercedes also views the potential of the African market as enormous, a spokeswoman said. The German carmaker has an assembly line in South Africa, where it sells 20,000 vehicles per year. BMW said it also intended to keep expanding across Africa, where it saw 15 per cent sales growth in 2012 to 34,000 vehicles. As for Audi, the company expects further growth in certain parts of Africa, where its sales have doubled in three years to 22,000 vehicles.
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A new wave of luxury hybrids tries to boost sales

Shipments of the 2014 ELR electrified luxury coupe also began in December. Aside from the styling and luxurious interior, the technology is one of the main aspects driving the sales growth of the CTS range. Inside, all CTS models are equipped with CUE, Cadillacs breakthrough system for connectivity and control featuring an eight-inch fully reconfigurable touch screen. CUE brings tablet-like functionality into the CTS with functions such as haptic feedback to confirm selections, proximity sensing to reveal hidden icons, gesture recognition and capacitive touch. A 5.7-inch display in the instrument cluster allows the driver to control radio, phone and navigation functions through steering wheel controls without having to take his eyes off the road.
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