Luxury Car Premiums Breach S$90,000 Mark

Definition of luxury car has changed

Robin Steinberg, of Malibu, Calif., shops for a Lexus  at Jim Falk Lexus in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Yesterdays bidding exercise was the second since the Land Transport Authoritys announcement last month that it would impose a cap on the engine power of cars in Category A. Motor traders attributed the climb in premiums across all categories to buyers rushing into the market to secure their cars before the changes kick in next February. Managing Director of Car Times Automobile, Mr Eddie Loo, said: Buyers of bigger cars may feel the pressure to rush into the market now, before they have to compete with the smaller luxury cars when they are re-categorised next year. Mr Raymond Tang, the Singapore Vehicle Traders Associations Honorary Secretary, noted that the 615 bids for the small car category and the 649 for the big car category were almost double the quota available for both sections. The Open category, which had a quota of 342, received 483 bids. This proves that many dealers already have their orders at hand, meaning that cars have already been bought.
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Nissan’s Infiniti looks to crack top tier of luxury car market

“What we will do is expand the (models) within the 3 Series so all these Cadillac guys don’t get overexcited” about picking off potential BMW buyers with the likes of the ATS. Still, says Hyundai’s Shannon: “There is an extra level of craftsmanship, refinement and, in some cases, features, and an overall presence and stance that, frankly, size often gives you that is completely unique to luxury cars.” The importance of heritage Time-tested is a key selling point, but newcomer Hyundai which rolled out Genesis as a 2009 model and Equus as a 2011 figures it can cope. Shannon: “Clearly, in the luxury business, provenance matters, heritage matters and those we don’t have.” But, he says, luxury-car fans “are not embarrassed to say they own a Hyundai. We do focus groups, and people think they’re in on a secret.
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Exotic Cars 101: What is an ‘Exotic Car’ (by definition)?

Exotic Cars 101: What is the Bertone BAT 11 and how it is related to the Alfa Romeo? The Exotic Cars 101 series is part of a larger writers movement on the site designed to answer basic questions commonly asked in any particular niche market or industry. The term “exotic car” is an auto industry term whose definition varies wildly and depending on which car make, model or year you are discussing and exactly who — and why (for what reason)– you are asking. For the purpose of establishing a column with interesting features that appeal to a wide spectrum of ages and audiences, the Exotic Car Examiner feature articles cover content based solely on the following definition answer to the question, “What is an exotic car?” WHAT DOES THE TERM “EXOTIC” MEAN TO PEOPLE IN GENERAL — NOT JUST TO THOSE WORKING IN THE CAR BUSINESS? The term “exotic” ALONE by definition means, in its purest form, “strikingly strange or unusual”.
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